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IABC Jacksonville is the local chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators. We represent professional communicators in North Florida, including Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach and Gainesville, and South Georgia.

Our members include corporate communications, internal communications, social media and public relations professionals from large companies, small businesses, communication agencies, nonprofit organizations and government agencies, in addition to freelancers, sole practitioners and consultants.

As professional communicators, they aspire to excel and to help organizations achieve their goals through communications.

Our chapter hosts monthly professional development meetings, hands-on workshops throughout the year, and quarterly networking mixers open to members, non-members and students.

IABC is a not-for-profit international network of 15,000 communication professionals in over 80 countries committed to improving the effectiveness of organizations through strategic, integrated business communication management.

Visit IABC online at www.iabc.com or send an email to info@iabcjax.com.

IABC Jacksonville is part of IABC’s Southern Region. Visit the Southern Region’s Web site at www.southernregion.iabc.com.

The Nonverbal Advantage - Secrets and Science of Nonverbal Body Language at Work


Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D.

Did you know that within the first few seconds of meeting people, they have already formulated their first impressions of you?

Did you know that when your body language is out of alignment with your verbal message people believe what they see and not what you say?

Did you know that your clients and colleagues are constantly telling you what they think and feel – but that it often has nothing to do with the words they use?

Nonverbal communication is more powerful and primitive than verbal expression. The tiniest gesture, like the way people stand or enter a room, speaks volumes about their confidence, self-worth and credibility. And the way you sit, stand or look at others reveals more about your true intent than you may realize.

Evidence from psychology, neurobiology, medicine, sociology, criminology, anthropology, and communication studies has given new credence to nonverbal communication. Our brains are "hard-wired" to respond to nonverbal signals – but that response is almost always subconscious.

This visual, entertaining and interactive session shows how to take an innate (but latent) talent and turn it into a powerful professional skill. You’ll learn:

* How to gain the "seven second advantage" and make a positive first impression.

• The two sets of nonverbal signals that leaders need to project.

* The role of body language in projecting trust and credibility.

* How to decode the silent signals of resistance, interest, and deception.

* The impact of body language in cross-cultural communication.

* * Five tips to more accurately read other people’s body language.

When: Wednesday, January 10, 2018 from 8AM-10AM
Where: The Conference Center at Florida Blue • 4800 Deerwood Campus Parkway, Building 14, Rm 2001. Jacksonville, FL 32246
Learn more and register here.

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